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You must be 18 years of age or older to register at BulletNBoard. Users are allowed to open, and monitor, an account for a child 13 years or older.

Bulletin Boards are as old as cities. Not too long ago, people still depended heavily on them for everything from selling a car to finding a lost pet... or even a job! Their purpose was largely replaced by the Internet. In fact, during the early days of computing, websites were commonly referred to as Bulletin Boards (or "BB's"). In those days, a website had a fixed location inside one particular hard drive located at a physical address. A site was typically managed and moderated by the computer owner. These individuals called themselves "Sysops" and were known to wear thick glasses and pocket protectors.

As technology progressed, content became placeless. A typical web page today, no matter how simple, is an aggregation of content derived from many locations. Perhaps for this reason, the term Bulletin Board practically disappeared from computing parlance. This makes sense for the most part as world-wide communication is indeed the greatest strength of the ..well.. the World Wide Web.

The Internet remains an inconvenient way to communicate with people nearby. That is where BulletNBoard comes in. Whether you are looking for a lost item, alerting neighbors of a dangerous situation or posting the date of the next neighborhood board meeting, BulletNBoard is the Internet place where place matters!

We believe in the power of community and our mission is to strengthen community action by providing a communication platform that will help people interact and cooperate with others nearby.

Our pledge: Our company is founded on a "triple bottom line" philosophy. This means that our profits will always be fairly distributed. At least one third of net profits will be reinvested in directly promoting the welfare of our employees, affiliates and their families and one third will be donated to support community development and improvements to urban eco-systems. This means that no more than one third of net profits will go to equity holders.


Welcome to BulletNBoard! The Internet is a great place to interact with people across the world. We now take for granted that content we post can be shared with the entire world at lightning speed. Ironically the web, finding and interacting with people close to you can be difficult, even scary. BulletNBoard was envisioned as a safe and effective way to interact with people who live, work or play in the same area. There . Please follow our "Terms of Use" and keep in mind the following Community Guidelines when using this site.

Be respectful of other people’s opinions- Consider other’s opinions with an open mind and refrain from personal attacks. This is about YOUR community. Avoid interjecting yourself into other discussions or locations that don’t affect you.

Be careful how you express yourself. Words (and images) can cause great harm. Use accordingly. Always try to be friendly and courteous.

Be supportive. BulletNBoard is about strengthening community interaction. People who make an effort to improve their community deserve praise and encouragement!

Participate in your community. Do your part. Every community, rich and poor, will benefit from cooperation and member participation. Reach out to others and find a way to help.


By accessing our servers, websites, or content you agree to these Terms of Use ("TOU"), last updated November 14, 2016.


Every board has a physical location and a Board Monitor. Members of a board are able to view each other's profile. There are three types: Public, Restricted and Private.

Public- You can join any public board provided that you have not exceeded the maximum allowed board memberships.

Restricted- Restricted boards are open to qualifying members such as residents of a building, a block or a neighborhood association. Membership is by invitation only. The requirements for membership should be placed in the "About" heading. Users trying to access a restricted board are able to request membership.

Private- Private boards are by invitation only and users are not able to request membership through the app. As with other Board types.


Regardless of whether a Board is Private, Restricted or Public, users are able to set the Visibility which determines who can view a post. A Post Visibility can be Public, Conference or Message.

Public Posts are represented by the Tree Icon. They will show up in nearby boards. A green Tree Icon indicates that a post comes from a nearby board.

Conference Posts are viewable only by other members of the Board.

Message Posts are viewable by designated recipients only.


By accessing our servers, websites, or content you agree to these Terms of Use ("TOU"), last updated November 14, 2016.

If you are 18 or older, we grant you a limited, revocable, nonexclusive, nonassignable, non sub-licensable license to access BulletNBoard (“BB”) in compliance with the TOU; unlicensed access is unauthorized. You agree not to license, distribute, make derivative works, display, sell, or "frame" content from BB, excluding content you create and sharing with friends/family. You grant us a perpetual, irrevocable, unlimited, worldwide, fully paid/sub-licensable license to use, copy, perform, display, distribute, and make derivative works from content you post. That license allows the use of our products by children 13 years or older under your supervision. As the guardian of a user who is a minor, you are responsible for the child's safe and proper use of the site.

You agree not to use or provide software (except for general purpose web browsers and email clients, or software expressly licensed by us) or services that interact or inter-operate with BB, e.g. for downloading, uploading, posting, flagging, emailing, search, or mobile use. Robots, spiders, scripts, scrapers, crawlers, etc. are prohibited, as are misleading, unsolicited, unlawful, and/or spam postings/email. You agree not to collect users' personal and/or contact information ("PI").


To the extent permitted by law, (1) we make no promise as to BB, its completeness, accuracy, availability, timeliness, propriety, security or reliability; (2) your access and use are at your own risk, and BB is provided "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE"; (3) we are not liable for any harm resulting from (a) user content; (b) user conduct, e.g. illegal conduct; (c) your BB use; or (d) our representations; (4) WE AND OUR OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES ("BB ENTITIES"), DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES & CONDITIONS, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT; (5) BB ENTITIES ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES, OR ANY LOSS (E.G. OF PROFIT, REVENUE, DATA, OR GOODWILL); (6) IN NO EVENT SHALL OUR TOTAL LIABILITY EXCEED $100 OR WHAT YOU PAID US IN THE PAST YEAR.

You agree (1) any claim, cause of action or dispute ("Claim") arising out of or related to the TOU or your BB use is governed by California ("CA") law regardless of your location or any conflict or choice of law principle; (2) Claims must be resolved exclusively by state or federal court in Los Angeles, CA (except we may seek injunctive remedy anywhere); (3) to submit to personal jurisdiction of said courts; (4) any Claim must be filed by 1 year after it arose or be forever barred; (5) not to bring or take part in a class action against BB Entities; (6) (except government agencies) to indemnify BB Entities for any damage, loss, and expense (e.g. legal fees) arising from claims related to your BB use; (7) you are liable for TOU breaches by affiliates (e.g. marketers) paid by you, directly or indirectly (e.g. through an affiliate network) and (8) to pay us for breaching or inducing others to breach the "USE" section, not as a penalty, but as a reasonable estimate of our damages.

Users complying with prior written licenses may access BB thereby until authorization is terminated. Otherwise, this is the exclusive and entire agreement between us. If a TOU term is unenforceable, other terms are unaffected. If TOU translations conflict with the English version, English controls. See our Privacy Policy for how we collect, use and share data.

Users must comply with all applicable laws, the BB Terms of Use, and all posted site rules.


Here is a partial list of content prohibited on BulletNBoard:

  1. any good, service, or content that violates the law or legal rights of others
  2. false, misleading, deceptive, or fraudulent content; bait and switch; keyword spam
  3. offensive, obscene, defamatory, threatening, or malicious postings or email
  4. anyone’s personal, identifying, confidential or proprietary information
  5. spam; miscategorized, overposted, cross-posted, or nonlocal content
  6. postings or email the primary purpose of which is to drive traffic to a website
  7. postings or email offering, promoting, or linking to unsolicited products or services
  8. affiliate marketing; network, or multi-level marketing; pyramid schemes
  9. Please don't use BB for these purposes, and flag anyone else you see doing so.


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